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Please read the Professional Services Agreement carefully

If you have any questions about the document below, you may call our office between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Please note that clicking the button below to get to the Client Questionnaire Form constitutes as a legal signature on your part agreeing to the document below


1. The Law Office of John L. Williams agrees to represent Client in the defenses of the above class C misdemeanor violation through ONE TRIAL ONLY. Attorneys’ services to Client will be complete, and the law office will be discharged from any further obligations to Client as of the date charges are disposed of without trial by plea agreement or when sentence after a trial is pronounced by the trial judge.

2. Attorney fees: The total fees for this case are based on the number of violations that you choose to submit in the Client Questionnaire Form. That amount is non-refundable regardless of the final result of the case. Should the trial end in a mistrial, an additional fee will be required to proceed with representation of those cases or any other cases other than the one referenced above in Paragraph 1. The client agrees to pay that amount immediately. Client acknowledges that until that amount is paid, the Law Office of John L. Williams assume no responsibility for handling the case and no attorney-client relationship will exist.

3. Expenses: Client is responsible for the payment of any fines, court costs, administrative costs, or any other costs ordered by the court in this case.

4. The client agrees that the Law Office of John L. Williams may engage other counsel to assist them in this case.

5. Clients agree to keep our office advised of his/her home address and home and business phone numbers.

6. Client is responsible for submitting to the office within ten (10) days any evidence regarding the case to include, but not limited to, insurance, copy of driver’s license, proof of registration, proof of inspection, proof of repair of defective equipment etc.

7. Unless otherwise stated, Client authorizes the Law Office of John L. Williams to:

(a) go to trial on the merits of the case,

(b) agree to the dismissal of the case,

(c) plea guilty on my behalf,

(d) agree to deferred probation on my behalf

(e) accept defensive driving classes on my behalf, and

(f) agree to any settlement that the law firm believes is in the client’s best interest.

8. Additional fees may accrue if you specifically instruct us to go to trial in front of the judge or a jury.

9. Client agrees to notify our office immediately after receiving a notice of hearing from the municipal court to confirm that our office has also received the notice. Client understands that failure to notify us of a hearing could result in a warrant being issued and client being arrested.

No representation or guarantees are made by the attorneys as to the outcome of this case. All fees paid are non-refundable.